Frodo Tech is a financial blockchain ecosystem. We provide our customers with financial services globally without any limitation of race or region. Our customer's privacy is our priority and we do not require any type of KYC. In our ecosystem, all people, regardless of nationality, race, or country, can interact financially together. The Frodo Tech ecosystem includes:  Frodo Launchpad  Frodo Customer Support (FCS)  Frodo Wallet  Frodo Payment Gateway (FPG) o Fund Transfer o Online Shopping  Frodo Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (FDX)  Frodo Centralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (FCX)  Mainnet  Frodo Native Coin (FNC)  Frodo DeFi Lending (FDL)  Frodo NFTs Marketplace (FNM)  Other utilities o Decentralised Worldwide Stock Market (DWSM) o Frodo Forex Bridge (FFB)

Medium member since November 2021